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Help Us Find Alumni of the Dive Program!

Next to seeing all of you at the reunion party Saturday August 27, 2005, Lloyd Austin would like nothing more than to have an up to date list of alumni contact information.

We have no current contact information for a large percentage of alumni. The list below contains the names of all the people that we've lost track of. Please pull out your little black books and help us locate them! If you know anything about a person listed below, please send us an email so we can get their information up to date.

Thanks for your help with this!

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James Jackson
UC Divers Class of 1996
Daniel Jacobs
UC Divers Class of 1978
Scott Janzen
UC Divers Class of 1980
Charles Jennings
UC Divers Class of 1976
Steven Jirucha
UC Divers Class of 1972
William Johansen
UC Divers Class of 1964
Andrew Johnson
UC Divers Class of 1995
James Johnson
UC Divers Class of 1973
Philip Johnson
UC Divers Class of 1986
Pamela Jutte
UC Divers Class of 1994

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