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Our thanks to. . .

...everyone who attended the reunion from near or far. It was a tremendous turnout!

Special thanks to:
Terri and Scott Cameron, Madeline, Bernadette, and Tess for being
terrific hosts to all 175 of us!

Robin Hathaway for her detective work, web updates, RSVP and $
coordinating, and all around party organizing

Amber Mace for co-organizing, set-up, clean-up and feeding us
brilliantly... taking it all in stride as we went from 115 to 180 in a
week's time.

Peter Vanags for designing and hosting the website that enabled us to
reach you without a paper trail.

Dennis Baum for manning the grill on a 90 degree day, portaging
supplies, bar set up, buffet set-up and it's many incarnations, and
all-around helpfulness.

Tiffany Hollfelder for tracking name tags as the list kept growing.

Derek Elmer (Now Davis) for donating the banner, class posters, and
P.Vanags poster. (Here's our plug...Venbea Graphics 1661 E. Palm Street
Santa Ana, Ca. 92701 714-261-4710

The diver detective work of Christina Tynan Wood, Henry Kaiser, Jack
Shaw, & Paul Miller

Annette Goodfriend, world's cleverest cake decorator.

The rapid responders who tended to Keegan's broken wrist...
And to Derk Richardson for driving the ambulance.

Gregory and Pam Delory for sushi pick-up and delivery.

Matthew Gates for picking up the keg ahead of schedule so it could

George Kiskaddon for the loan and delivery of 50 folding chairs.

Nina Parris for including all of us in her gift to Lloyd.
Nina again for overnighting the 1996 class photo for the poster.

Seth Olyer for amazing chopping and food prep skills as well as
impromptu BarBQ pick-up.

Katie, the only baby sitter who showed up for work. (55 kids)

Dennis Baum for proofing the first transfer of the paper roster to digital
format. 750+ entries.

Jenni Lott for taking over baguette slicing after Robin's incident with
world's sharpest bread knife. And doing dishes all day...

Numerous people who lent a hand to set out food, move tables, cut
watermelon... Jack Miller and Co.

Side dishes by Andy and Eli Beahrs, Chris and Kristen Burmester.

Henry Kaiser and Gina Feiner for homebaked cookies.

Charles Kinney for taking charge of the group photo effort.

Bob Wilson for his CD of undwater photos we looped at the party.

Scott Cameron for the photo cake -- plan and execution

Jen Koeber (now Dalmasso) for some nighttime stealth clean-up with Amber

To all for your $$ donations. Particular thanks to those of you who
donated but were unable to attend. (Ron Roth, Karen Grove, Dorothy
The collective generosity went a long way to defraying our

John Feiner for offering his home with a swimming pool and hot tub for the next
Who wants to organize?

Reunion Attendees

Abernathy Kyler from Virginia
Albertson Skip from Seattle
Austin Lloyd
Austin Gay
Austin Kahl Pam from Portland
Austin Kahl Keegan 11
Ballou Phil
Ballou Nanou
Ballou Julia 8
Ballou Laura 5
Baresh Marvin from Seattle
Baum Dennis
Beahrs Andy
Beahrs Eli
Beahrs Erik 1
Bennet (Now Martin) Elisa from The Netherlands
Berkowitz (now Miller) Gale
Blum Arlene
Blum Richard
Boman Skip
Topfguest Christina
Borton Bob
Brooke Chris
Burmester Chris
Burmester Kristen
Burmester Baby <1
Burnison Erica
Erica's guest
Cameron Scott
Cameron Terri
Cameron Madeline 13
Cameron Bea 11
Cameron Tess 7
Cohen Alex
Cohen's son ? 9
Cosca Cathy From Seattle
Cosca Allison 8
Coulon Robin
Coulon Niji 11
Cralle Trevor
Dalmasso Enrique
Dalmasso Austin 7
Dalmasso Alison 5
Delory Greg
Delory Pam
DeNuzzo David
DeNuzzo Deirdre
DeNuzzo Alex 2
Feiner John
Fisher Louise
Flores Jolen
Gardner Jim
Gates Matt
Gilles Mike Fly himself in from Reno
Gonzalez Robert
Gonzalez's guest
Goodfriend Annette
Hathaway Robin
Heinlein Chris
Hollfelder John
Hollfelder Robyn 8
Hollfelder Jeena 5
Hollfelder Tessa 5
Howard-Gibbon Cindy
Kaiser Henry
Kaubisch Ben
Kelly Sean From Denver
Kempton Kimberly From Wash, D.C.
Kim Doug
Kim Bonnie
Kim Julia ?
Kim Jonathan ?
Kinney Charles
Kinney Chris
Chris' guest Jessie
Kiskaddon George
Kiskaddon Erin 14
Koch Denny
Koeber (now Dalmasso) Jen
Kostman Chris From LA
Lenhart Mark
Lewis Ken
Lott Jenni From Oregon
Mace Amber
Macler Bruce
Macler Nancy
Macler Alicia 10
Martin kid 4 From The Netherlands
Miller Paul
Miller Katharine
Miller Jack
Miller Lena 12
Minninger Kyra
Molina Flores Trudy
Montoya Joe From Atlanta
Montoya Juan 9 From Atlanta
Moyer Dirk
Moyer Sean 4
Moyer Louisa 1
Olyer Seth
Osorio David
Osorio Michelle
Osorio Elias <1
Ostarello Gay
Parris Mel
Parris Nina
Peletz Steve
Peletz Sara 11
Peletz David 7
Peterson Barbara
Pierce Bob
Piercy Bruce
Piercy Susan
Piercy Kimberly 13
Piercy Logan 16
McCann Mike
McCann Alex 14
McCann Andrew 12
Raugust (now McCann) Shannon
Reinhard Robert
Reinhard Rebecca 14
Reinhard Victoria 13
Richardson Derk
Richardson Robin
Rochette Michael
Rochette Kai 5
Rochette Quinn 5
Roth Ron (we hope!)
San Felice Faith From Virginia
Saxon Richard
Scoffone Sarah 8
Scoffone Andrew 6
Shaw Jack
Shaw Marian Murphy-
Simon Howard From Washington, D.C.
Smith Marisa
Smith-Pierce Micaiah 6
Smith-Pierce Caymus 4
Smith Patrick
Smith Liz
Smith Connor 2
Smith Wade <1
Smith Bobbye
Steele Jim
Steers Kirk
Strich Jon
Strich Catherine
Strich daughter 4
Strich baby 1.5
Todd (now Byrne) Doris
Torralba Tony
Towers Joe
Ugoretz John
Ugoretz Kate
Ugoretz Sadie 18 mos
Upshaw Bob
Upshaw Polly
Upshaw Arlyn
Van Scoy Schyler
Van Scoy Andrea
Van Tilberg Hans From Hawaii
West Misty
Gay Jonathan
White Shivaun From Naples, Italy!! And the winner is...
Winslow Lynda
Yuen (now Hollfelder) Tiffany

Did we miss anyone who attended?
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