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Photo sources:
Bob Willson
Lloyd Austin's scrapbook
Ron Roth
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Art Haseltine.
Class of 1967. Back row: Art Haseltine, Larry Livington, Wally Davis, Lloyd Austin, Larry and Rosalind Ribnick. Front row: Gay Little (now Ostarello), Ron Foreman, Larry Lathrop.
Gay Little (now Ostarello).
Gay Little, Surfmat Seductress, 1967.
Larry Lathrop.
Larry Livingston.
The man ... the myth ... the legend. Lloyd F. Austin.
Ron Foreman.
Ron Roth.
Rosalind Ribnick.
Ron Roth ('67) in 1995
John Ostarello ('68) in 1995
Gay Ostarello ('68)  in 1995
Bob Willson ('68)
Ron Roth and Lloyd Austin at Pt. Lobos
Point Lobos, 1968
Ron Roth, Bob Willson
Bob Willson
Lloyd Austin, Ron Roth @115 Ft.
Catalina May 2005.  Bob Wilson, LLoyd, and Gay Ostarello on the Bottom Scratcher
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