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We’d Love to Add Your Photos to Our Galleries

Send us your photos of UC Divers in action, your old class photos, dive trip snapshots, anything related to UC Divers, and we'll add them to the photo galleries here.

Submitted photos don't have to be huge: 500-800 pixels wide/high in JPG format is plenty good for the web site. Please include any dates, names of people in the photos, and other information you can provide with each shot.

You can email photo gallery submissions to robin@ucdivers.com. If you have a large amount of photos (more than a couple of megabytes), you can also drop them into our FTP site at ftp://ftp.ucdivers.com. Then send us an email letting us know what you uploaded, so we can add it.

Windows users: open your photos in your browser and then type ftp.ucdivers.com in the URL address box. Do not send photos in a folder. The jpeg file will be listed on the FTP page, but you will not see the photo. We will upload them from here. Mac Users: we recommend the program Transmit. You can download a free trial version . Thanks in advance for your submissions!

—Robin, Amber and Peter
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