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Welcome, UC Divers and Friends of UC Divers

This web site is created about, by, and for the alumni of the UC Berkeley Scientific Diving Program. The community of Dive Program alumni is a unique and tightly-knit group, and this site exists to help all of us stay in touch and share information, stories, photos, and coordinate events such as parties and dive trips.

Browse around and enjoy! If you have something to contribute to this site, especially photos and articles, by all means send it to us so we can add it for everyone to enjoy.

If You Are A UC Diver...

Then you know that it's really all about the glamor, baby. You've been there, just like our pal on the right (Hi, Charles!): skin-in wetsuits, holes in your surfmat, the "bailout" ... are those memories flooding back yet?

All UC Berkeley dive program alumni can access the "Alumni Only" areas of this web site. Click here for the login page, which includes instructions on how to log in. All you need to know is your name (easy enough) and the year that you completed the Scientific Diving course. (This second part may tax your memory, in which case, just click here to contact us, and we'll send you your login information.)

If your email address is already in our database (e.g., you have received announcements and other email from us) then you can have your login name and password automatically emailed to you by clicking here.

After you log in, you'll have the opportunity to update your contact information and let us know what you've been up to all these long years. Take a look at the calendar page, too.
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